Chat is just not working

Is anyone else having this issue… just a spinning circle and no chat functions… smhimage


It’s been like this for the past hour in my Alliance

Same in our alliance

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Same here in our alliance

Same here! I thought it was just me. :flushed:

Hi @Taskclt23. With our rules it makes it impossible

It’s been similar to this for the past 14 months in my alliance. Why anyone is only recently discovering that the chat has issues is beyond me :slight_smile:

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I know chat has always had issues XD but my Alliance has never had it like this… that is why I made the post to see if it was happening to anyone else

My alliance is experiencing this as well. I guess we are screwed until tomorrow.

Here also. Chat has always been a huge concern that seems to be just ignored by Lydia however…as of today it’s not just a bug, it’s completely broken. @Ludia_Developers


We’re not referring to the general chat bug, it literally is not showing past or present chat whatsoever.

Maybe they are working on implementing a chat fix? And thus had to take the server down.

That wont be the case though, that would actually make sense.

Let’s hope it’s back to normal soon

What’s normal? The chat has never been normal.


I’m guessing for those reporting the issue it’s worse than normal


Chat has always been super buggy. Usually a restart to the game lets me see recent comments and DNA requests. Not today! It’s hard broke.


Same here 13Wendigo, I just tried it on all devices in our household both with and without wi-fi and it’s proper broken.


I have not been able to see anything my teammates are typing in chat. I typed something, and it showed but when I restart the game, I can no longer see it. This happened then I uninstalled and reinstalled - still even see my own text. I restarted the game 5x, uninstalled then turned off my phone then turned it on and reinstalled. It still does not work. Our team is a very active one, so I need this fixed as quickly as possible please! I tried it on wifi and off wifi too.

Screenshot_20200202-174600_JW Alive|243x500


On mine I haven’t been able to see requests all day except for small windows of time here and there. So @Ludia_Developers are y’all gonna compensate players for unfilled donation requests??


No chat at all, just dna requests.