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Chat is very bugged

Chat works wrong.
I can see the requests of other members that are timed out.

There are a lot of bugs with this chat. It’s more then 2 years since it’s been added and it still works very bad.

I’ve been advocating improvement for this issue since the launch but all to deaf ears.
It’s rather frustrating as it seems to be something that should be very easy to fix.
It’s just Ludia being Ludia. Kinda learned to live with it.

I just opened the game and I see tons of timed out requests.

While I obviously don’t know for sure the issues with chat seems to be in how the client contacts the server and gets the information from the server.

It does seem like it’s an easy fix but I would think fixing something like that would fall into Ludias coretech group which based on their blog seems to be responsible for to many things for to many games.

Directly after it was implemented they were likely working on more pressing things like the back end systems to automate seasons and make changes to event Dino’s. Which I think turned into a “do we really need to fix if most of the playerbase just uses discord”

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This has been a “known issue” in the last ~5 patch notes or so.
Other things have actually been fixed, like the chat scrolling to go haywire.

There are still numerous things wrong with the chat though:

  • It never seems to completely scroll down on its own, there’s always about 1 line you can’t see for some reason.
  • The order of messages is sometimes completely random (1d messages appear newest while 1m messages are far to the top).
  • Requests missing
  • Requests not disappearing after completion
  • Won’t connect sometimes
  • Scrolling up to the top to see previous messages gets you an infinite spinner sometimes
  • Missing messages
  • The order or location of requests is messed up

And people want raid chat when this takes over 2 years to get half right…

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