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Chatty, Friendly, Strategy minded players WANTED

IslaNublarTimeshareCo is looking to fill out the team roster. We regularly hit 9/8 with the potential for 10/9 with a few more solid players. Strategic Sanctuaries and Level 20 co-op sancs. Tournament participation is nice, but not a requirement.

We are a team of casual competitive players. We aspire to spend our play time with chatty, friendly people who have a similar team-minded outlook. We share our Facebook and Discord with our sister alliance for double the camaraderie and advice.

Our ideal teammate has 1500+ trophies, is a moderate to strong battler, is sociable and chatty, is willing to join us on facebook or discord and values strategy with sanctuaries.

***We do not accept blind requests, please comment if you’re interested and we can chat a little more and see if we’re a good fit for you

Armadillo Rodeo
Co-Lead for IslaNublarTimeshareCo

We are still looking for some teammates if anyone is looking for a great alliance :slight_smile: I joined after trying a few others, and this is definitely the best. Very helpful and friendly bunch :slight_smile:

If you can find a way for me to get in without discord, I’m in

But how often do we need to log?

Hi! We use Facebook/ messenger too if you would prefer that. Some players just like to use the game app and that’s fine. We want to get active players, no 0 for your score, so everyone needs to be playing at least some pvp games. We have a level 20 sanc, usually 2 level 20s and a minor sanc so we get lots of dna with one click. Since we do it that way though, you can’t put your own dinos in the sanc. It actually gives more to click the big ones though. Sounded weird to me at first but now I get it :slight_smile:

Ok but in all seriousness, if we can communicate thru in game chat or here, I’ll come ASAP

I do have a sanc near my house I use if I want to get a little extra epic dna for a fuse, but I don’t start big ones there.
Is that ok?

If these work, I’ll join tomorrow after checking here at maybe 3 EST

If you could run this by your lead before I join ( I don’t want to leave an alliance and not go right into another) then I’m in and in skill tournaments I usually get 2000 points, but I always get takedown bonus

I also am for a giga scent a day, but that doesn’t always happen

I’m sorry, I’m not sure we’re a good fit for you. we believe in strong communication for those level 20 sancs and we’re fairly strict with the use of Sanctuaries

I am the lead. I don’t believe we are a good fit, and you should stay where you are until you find that right fit alliance.
Thank you for your interest :slight_smile:

Hi, i would like to join your alliance. I’ve sent an in game requests already (TzeHong).

I am okay with your rules and will not add dinos into the sanctuary.