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Cheap cheap cheap

moving cori around handing out fury and deathwards like candy is cheap I guess skill in this game is out the window. Its bad enough most of the groups I meet with her in the party are 2-3k higher power but really LUDIA you need to put diminishing returns on her deathwards. Every time she gives it to someone its chance to revive should drop by 10% or more until its 0 ! yes to the same on halbenet’s epic bone deathwards… Rant over!


This game was never about skill, but yes Coriolis is broken.

Completely agree, cheap, terrible character

And Faridehs legs that attack even when she is disarmed are cheap and cowardly. You can complain about every hero.

I never worry when I face Cori. I poop my pants every time I face Pikel. Immunity. Regen. Deathward. Dominate on hit. He is every hero in one.