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Cheap Darts Disappeared in Store?

Hi! Okay so I know that Ludia released Giga scents and I just used my first one today. I found in store that large dart packs could be purchased for 100 coins and I bought I think 4 before that was maxed out. I used one scent, and just went back to check the store but the cheap darts at the bottom of the page are gone now? Is this just me, a bug, something I’m missing/did the event end? Help please :")

You’re only able to buy 4 packs for today. Other days it was 2 packs

Okay, so tomorrow will darts be back in-store? Tysm for answering btw :pleading_face:

No problem, and yes, they should be back in the store.

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Even make it two sales not 4 I need darts and If I have to use cash I’m uninstalling the game