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Cheap shots


This… Right here. This is what you have in lower arenas. I’m in marshes and this bull has been going on since badlands.

Yeah no joke. All y’all endgame big people rant about the dracos? This is daily reality. Going on about how unfair a Dino 4 levels higher is…

Look at that disparity. 7 dagum levels!

And this is why mid and lower level player roll thier eyes when we hear “big people” problems.


And before you think it no I’m not upset. I’m calm I know soon I will level up enough to not have to deal with this no more.


Just level it up… its all good


Like I said I’m not upset and I am leveling. Just trying to point out to the community why some of us take the stances we do when we hear big people problems.


you could probably make a 24 irr2 in about 20 minutes. they’re everywhere


I could. Or I could keep leveling my diplotator and suchotator.

Funny how that was the program crowd response too.

I’m just saying I got to the level I am with level 15 and 16 Dino’s. And alot of to roper tier players go on and on about level disparity when it’s 3 ,4,5 level difference. Mean while in lower arenas we are dealing with 7 ,8 9 and 10 levels difference.


U gotta focus on legedaries and uniqe… try getting uniqe because the moment you unlock it ull get it at level 21, its a huge level short cut.


At least it’s the first dino of the match. Still time to recover. Wait until you have Dracocera swapping in and out, dealing more than 2700 damage and knowing that you have to keep a dino’s health above that to survive another swap in at the end of the match. That’s real fun right there.


That’s my Dino selection. I use all of them so I bounce from higher in trophy count to long down.

Feel free to reply any way you wish… Heck put on a mask and respond as you think I would. It’s all ok.


It was the second. I almost had his first gone lol. I got disconnected. But afore I did I took it down. Irritator is no thang no more.

And yeah at my level dracoceratops generally last one swap. I start singing hotel California when I see it… You know check out any time you like but you can never leave.

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I’m not sold on any unique I can obtain at the moment. Heck by the time I get em they will be nerfed.


Sorry man but u gotta get out more… that indorex is still 16…


Dont think about nerfed or not just get one unqie. Or else ur gonna be stuck on not having any uniqe at all.


I don’t like indominus. He died easy… Very easy.