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Cheaper boosts

Dear ludia,
Please consider ways of letting us get boosts for a cheaper price. Maybe you could increase what we get from incubators or daily incubators, maybe you could occasionally sell discounted boosts in the market, maybe you could increase the amount we get in boosts strikes or have 2 boost strikes a week, maybe you could offer special event discounts like free boosts for your birthday or something.


Or giving VIP players discounted boosts. Like if your vip 25 boosts would go from 500 hard cash to 200 or 250

Just no. All boosters all have one thing in common, VIP. Just giving them discounts does nothing.

Isn’t the arena already nightmare enough?


What on earth would cheaper boosts accomplish? You might buy more, but then so would everyone in your situation or those already buying boosts. Then you are right back where you started, or even further behind, having given Ludia a lump of cash for no benefit.

Just send Ludia a cheque. It will be easier.