Cheat game, i am loosing interest


Any time I play, i never get a chance to attack though its my chance but the opponent can play several, two or even more in one go taking out my animals. This is very bad, if no good response is received and actions taken ill quit


Find it very unlikely you got stun locked 7 turns in a row. :sleepy: 2-4 can be plausible and it I’ve seen it happen. Major % stun moves all require cool downs except for the 10% chance minimal stun.


This all depends on what arena you’re in and what dinosaurs you’re facing.

I have dinosaurs in my team, which can slow and team the other player, which gives me another turn or 2 depending on the stun chance. But the game isn’t a cheat in the sense which you’re referring too @Arun_Naiyar. It just seems you’ve been unlucky with the roll of the dice regarding your opponents and dinosaur line up.