Cheat or bug i dont care ban pls

Ok so my opponent kept on getting the stuns non stop but then i manage to survive and gave a little bit of damage until his health deteriorate and i thought i was about to lose until his last big blow dint stun me or killed me. I still have a very tiny health and it was my turn to attack and im faster since i slowed him down. But guess what? The moment i want to click on my rampage to kill him the timer froze. WHY IS IT ONLY AT THIS MOMENT? AT THE FINISHING BLOW. I CANT CLICK ON ANYTHING SO I WAS FORCED TO USE MY BASIC SKILL AND DIED. EITHER HIS CHEATING AND FLOODING THE server when we play OR UR SERVER SUKS. GOD I cant wait for the new wzard unite game then maybe they have a better PVP SYSTEM so i can just ease my mind there.

Boi, calm down my dud! Email to ludia directly maybe? Because I see like… 10 reasons your gonna get flagged! So you said the timer froze? That’s because of your internet! They have a good pvp system already, so stop ranting about it here and go eat a sandwich! Just calm down!


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It’s breakfast time for me, but I’ll take a sammich too please.
In my battles, I’m shocked sometimes that I won when I knew I was done for. It’s weird. And I’ve lost when I assumed I was going to win. The speeds seemed messed up during those (my battles).


If this player is hacking the server and flooding it to win battles with his lv 16 Tragod all to be around 3200 trophies, this is the saddest case of wasted talent in history.


This ^

Aha no online game is bug proof so prepare to be disappointed :joy:
To be fair jwa has a relatively low bug battle count as long as your connection is stable. But it’s biased by the fact it’s a turn per turn game (making it easier to handle network errors)

Everyone take a sandwich :sandwich: :sandwich: :sandwich:

its time that i retire from this forum.

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hello, i was told there would be breakfast burritos?


You are wrong! About the sandwich that is! This clearly calls for a Snickers Bar


I really hope for their sake wizard unite doesn’t have a forum


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ya played yourself, son.

You played yourself, “son”. I said “Not just snickers…” Meaning even more… When I said that, I meant not stopping there, so you just played yourself :relieved:

I want kowaski to have awesome Fortnite swag

This is what I call, TheGamingBeaver Virus
You assume something and you think it is a hacker or virus.


Since the OP thread starts by cheater or hacker…

What gives when you beat someone… get 0 trophies and their username doesn’t show up in your list of recent opponents? I did however receive the incubator from the battle… but no trophies… considering I just got knocked out of Lockwood Estates… I don’t see how I wouldn’t get anything… User name was something along the lines of “bob.O.T.” or something like that… really confused about the name not showing up in my list either… I wanted to see what other dino’s he had over level 20…

I’m just here for the sandwich


That was a bot. After a recent tweak to matchmaking, you no longer gain/lose trophies for a win/loss against bots. Also bots don’t show up in your opponents list either.

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