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Cheat or Bug

Just played someone and we were at 2 to 1 and I was just about to take their second Dino down, was a good match. Suddenly the game said they won and I got just the 1 kill. Is this a cheat or a known bug?

Man, between this, mega boosts and bad algorithm I will soon be down from the top of aviary to Lockwood. Frustrating.

Known bug. I’ve had it once state I lost, and another that I won, when only 1 or 2 creatures fainted. Upon restart, turns out the match was still going.

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Thanks @Detonatress. This one did not go back into the match, I ended up doing another after. Though finding out you were actually still in the match would be equally frustrating. Well, good to know it’s not an exploit and something else to look forward to :slight_smile: