Cheat or bug?


I was battle level 18 indominus . I use level 18 stegoceratop . They were first Dino we put in battle. He a coak. He first I know. I use slower skill. I know it does not slow him down. It say that I was stil faster. His speed was 107 . Mine was 115. How did he go first. He does not have speed skill. I also had in past that another player indominus use his coak after his second turn. Cool down is 3 turns.

Add: I had Dino that Counterattack after I stun him and won. what was strange. Player only had one kill and he one battle.


Cloak has priority so it’ll go first no matter what, unless you have a priority move, which Stegoceratops doesn’t.


That’s not what he’s saying. He is saying the iRex used cloak, then his Stegoceratops used slow down attack, then iRex went first on next move.


Oh. I don’t know then