Please ban who use emulator its not fair and recently i discover player with new cheat,
5% crit chances dinos but he crit all my dinos to death all of his skill are crits pls just permaban them all

Also thanks

With such well thought out statement like that with all that evidence proving that its a cheat and not just bad luck or a lucky string of crits…who can argue, so I won’t =D


I fight with player with same critting dinos 5 time already and his dino attk only crit idk its my luck are that bad or his so lucky

I remember his dinos have 5% crit with normal attk and his just critting 3 of my dinos till lose really lucky player or something else

Anyway thanks

Still a better love story than twilight


Please, cheating a server side game is technically impossible.
Just ask any of the techno people here.
Hack proof.
mic drop. -sarcasm