Cheated on event towers

Only about a quarter of all current event towers are for the week’s rare creatures… the panda is getting in the way and ruining the entire event…


Raised this in the panda announcement thread, no response, which disappeared way down the topic list.

I was out for several hours today and didnt even manage half a dozen carno (only one of them im after).

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Lydia: HAHA APRIL FOOLS! :clown_face:

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Quite why they felt the need for a share of green towers for the Panda over five days for 6 attempts is a true April Fool.

Absolutely pointless.


Absolutely. These green towers for pandas never change. It’s so hard to spot the rare I want. Close to impossible to finish the 24 attempts

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Indeed. Im unable to go out today, but was out several hours sun/mon looking specifically for carno, i managed about half a dozen that entire time. The 3 greens i have in range are blurry panda, as are the 4 just outside my range that are visible. This was bought up on saturday, without a single update since.

I see no reason to bother looking for rare creature event locations. About 30 green supply drops are visible from my home, and exactly one has a rare creature under it. Thankfully, that one is within reach.

They should have had the panda change to the weekly event after your 6 attempts but I guess that makes too much sense.


Given that the rare darting event has now more or less passed (30mins left) with absolutely zero communication and no fix from ludia, can we at least get some notification on what they are going to do for the player base that were unable to participate (fully or partially) in said darting event…