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Cheated out of trophies


So i just tried to do my first battle of the day, and it put me in a match that was already ongoing and the opponent already had 2 kills and the 3rd dinosaur had half a life. So I just lost 40 trophies in a match that i didn’t start. Then i tried to do another match, and the count down reached 0 when it was waiting, so I had tti try to find another match, but it popped up that I just lost a match and lost even more trophies. I don’t understand why the battle arenas suck so bad.


I wasn’t here for the Beta. But these matches going on while you are out seem to of always existed.

Ludia dismiss issues as connection issues. A mobile game will have connection issues and spoofers. Should of been planned for.


But it was my first time clicking battle today. there was no reason for a battle to have been going.


In these situations force close the app and reopen as fast as you can! That generally will get you in the game at the start! For the time out if it counts down more than 20 seconds force close and reopen. It will start to count down again wait no more than 10 seconds and you will either be back at the map or at the beginning of the match!

The force closing is a solution to almost all battle related glitches