Cheater in arena


Why are we still battle with cheaters in arena and keep losing our trophies?

I had matched up with few cheaters today and lose trophies!

I said they are cheaters because they have higher trophies than the 500 rank player but they are not in the rank!


It happens to me also that the player that i am battling has been bannned but still can play in the game. They are still playing. The worst part is i am winning and then the game is cut and says i loss the game. Now i stop battling coz i just loss anyway


They are inside to help us bring down those on top so tournament becomes more balance…lol.
Deal with it, nobody can settle this except Ludia, i fought many of them where i just “surrender” instantly…just wanting to get an incubator.


Ludia aren’t going to fix it. They would rather put out a tournament then the basic game improvements needed.