Cheater or glitch?


So i just played a match with someone and he started with his stygimoloch and i played my suchotator, he killed me but i left him pretty low, i brought out my allosaurus and killed him off then he brought out his einiasuchus and hit me with the ferocius strike (i already had a couple hundred taken out of me from the stygimoloch) he hit me and took me down to 300ish hp, i hit him with defense shattering strike and took him down to 3-400ish. The last move, i chose armor piercing impact and the other guy chose either minimal stunning strike or stunning impact, i know this because my Dino had the stun animation but hadn’t been hit yet, before he landed the hit my screen went to the “you lost” screen and i lost with only 2 deaths. I’ve posted a picture of the end of the match, it has the guys name.


Yeah, that’s happened to me too. One time I’d taken down 2 of the opponents :sauropod: and he only one of mine. Suddenly it said Opponent wins and there it was showing as well that suddenly he had taken down three of mine and I had none.
So mad :rage:


So either they cheated purposely or it’s a glitch that some will eventually figure out how to use.


How many times do I have to post this in response to this!

It’s a glitch! Don’t hit the continue, force close and reopen the app and you will be where you left off!

There is no way someone can cheat and accomplish this!

It has happened to me a few times, after the force close I was exactly where it left off and bam I won!

What the moderators need to do is in big bold letters sticky a thread that is always right on top of glitches and what you do to solve them but it probably won’t happen

Very simple! If for any reason it comes up saying opponent won when you haven’t lost your 3 do what I said above