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Cheater - Rogersdinnosaurs


Well, Ludia concentrates on spoofers. Meanwhile, real cheaters are still running rampant. A person named “Rogersdinnosaurs” battled me in the arena. He/she could do their dinos special attack IE: 1.5 or 2x damage AND 50% damage reduction to me OVER AND OVER, with no cool down period. I’d either hit with 50% damage while he hit with 1.5-2x damage, or, I would hit with 0 damage, because the 50% reduction would get stacked every other turn. It’s ridiculous. Spoofers may be able to get DNA a bit faster than others, IF they CHOOSE to play for longer periods of time, however, they are still limited on leveling up their dinosaurs by the daily limits the game has for coins. Meanwhile, actual hackers can stomp on you in the battle arena without even trying. This game has gotten worse since the last update that got rid of the spoofers. He/she took down my entire team, which included a T-Rex, with a dino that only had 1400hp, all because of the stacked 1.5-2x damage, and 50-100% damage reduction to me. Super ridiculous.


Had that happen to me as well. The one i ran into didn’t have that gamertag, it was something else - but they kept using their specials without cooldown, one after the other. I think there might be a hackware app now that allows cheaters to hack battles. Theoretically, that’s not supposed to be possible, but that’s a theory being posted by various trolls in the forum to convince the gullible out there that it’s not possible to hack a game server. Of course, not true.

You can hack a server. It’s been done in other games before this one, and still happens. Hacking a mobile game server might be easier, or it might be harder, who knows - but the fact is that proof has been out there for years, all you have to do is trust your eyes. They don’t lie.

So it’s possible that this guy is running around thinking no one will notice him, since he’s not a spoofer. But ludia is going after all cheaters, not just spoofers. This guy just doesn’t know it yet.




Naming and shaming.