Hello ! I’ve been playing for a few weeks now and I had never crossed the path of any cheaters yet. Tonight during a fight, my opponent sent a Monolophosaurus, that once at ~100 HP took no damage ? I took another dino, and it dealt 0 damage to it again, even if it had a +500 base damage stat. How is it possible since they didn’t cast the invincible spell ? To me it clearly looks like cheating.

Couldn’t screenshot the Mono taking no damage but I could screenshot the opponent’s, in case someone from Ludia could do something about it.

Have a nice day or evening !


Did it use both moves that lower your attack because if it did, your attack just goes to 0 for 1-2 turns? It’s an annoying dinosaur to face but that could be why.


Yeah, that dinosaur has 2 abilities that reduce your damage by 50% each. Clearly from your experience, they stack - but it isn’t cheating. The 100% reduction in damage should only happen while both strikes have hit, though, so you may need to be creative when fighting that one.


Thank you for your replies, I had no idea a dino could lower your stats so much ! Sorry for bothering you, have a nice day !