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Cheaters and hackers

So im relatively new to this game i’ve been playing since september. One thing i hear quite a bit here is people cheating. Now i dont think i have ever encountered a cheater before and you guys are going to think i’m dumb but what is location spoofing? I know people cheat in PoGo too. Apparently people hack the game to get money too? Am i correct?

Yes plenty of people cheat in jwa. Location spoofing is where people download an app that allows them to roam the map while not moving. Supposedly ludia put something in the game to stop them but I’m sure those people just found another way. There’s also ways to dart multiple event dinos meaning more than the game lets u and I’m sure even way more than even that goes on. I have 11 max 30 dinos and have been playing since jwa came out so I’ve seen it all.

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Spoofing is changing your location without moving at all(eg changing your in game location to London when you’re still in America). Cheating does not just include spoofing though. There are also mods out there that allow you to dart event creatures way beyond their limit, and I recently knew of one that made every dart fired a direct hit(even misses). Below will be a pic of someone exploiting the unlimited darting ‘glitch’

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This is not correct. Since multi fusion arrived i fused all my required DNA to unique DNA and i don’t bother leveling them. So many of my unique are like this but to prove my point some of them are never dartable.


Dilorach was available for Thanksgiving last year, and as you can see from the pic, the player hasn’t unlocked multi fusion for that unique, and neither is that feature even available(now there is always be a ‘multi fusion’ button under the evolve button)

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Level 11 players don’t have multi-fusion available to them.