Cheaters proof


So that’s how they get indoraptor from the event


You can’t fuse so much DNA without evolving. So they’ve caught it this way. The events are hacked. You can get unlimited DNA of any event Dino

Are you watching the cheaters?
Can you explain this please?!?

I don’t get why people don’t want to play the game. They just want top tier to be delivered to them so they can get bored of it faster. oh well


I dont even get how they can. Seems like so much work for such a small thing. :confused:


Forgive my ignorance, but I’m still not following. What’s going on that I’m missing here?


Yea but ludia will reward the hackers


Even though their own rules say they dont tolerate it. :roll_eyes:


I’m not completely sure, pox. Something about hackers getting unlimited coin to evolve indoraptor or something…


I actually just looked up some stuff. Disclaimer for the modders, I swear i did not, i repeat. I DID NOT DOWNLOAD THESE only did research. There are things people can download that literally just pull endless supplies and resources from drops and dino spawns. It’s quite discouraging to say the least.


Jeez. That’s just tragic that that exists :frowning:


There will always be people who have to constantly ruin things others enjoy… This is sad news.


It really is. I doubt they will, but I really hope ludia actually does have a heart and will do something. I actually had a sudden pit in my stomach after seeing that. :disappointed:


It shouldn’t ruin it for anyone. Other than some trophies you lose nothing.


Um… we’re talking about hackers using illegal software to get unlimited supply drops and resources so they can level up without having to work for it, like the rest of us.

I hope Ludia does catch on. Zvukzao, I hope you wrote down the sites you located the info on. Ludia will love to see proof that their unsinkable ship isn’t.


You should see the scum in Pokémon go. It’s lunacy. They do whatever they want with no consequences. Thankfully I don’t battle otherwise it would be impossible with the same idiots hacking the gym battles. I bet they’re the same ones hacking here


More than likely. With hackers, if a program or app is known to be “unhackable”, they will find a way to exploit any holes in the code or bugs they find.

Happens a lot with computer operating system software. MacOS isn’t hacker-proof, no matter how much Apple tells you it can’t be hacked.


Websites saved, and snapshots made.


Send them along to Ludia support. Don’t forget to mention in the notes that this info needs to be forwarded to the dev team immediatement.


Good job, by the way! Cheers!


Ludia couldn’t care less…when was the last time they listened to anything we said? There’s people completing those tasks for money and getting no rewards for it while ludia sits back doing nothing


I get that, but someone mentioned it ruins things. It really doesn’t effect me. I wish they could get rid of cheaters, but I wish they didn’t focus on p2w. (That does not mean I wish nobody supported the game, btw)