Cheating continues

When are yall gonna fix the cheating just lost 4 straight because my opponent had some cheat on where his moves had no cool down time, one had a cheat where one kill counted as 2. Yall need to fix this. Please

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Why do I never encounter any of these “cheats” everyone complains about. I’m calling shenanigans on the whole thing and chalking it up to visual glitches and connection issues.


Why don’t you encounter these phenomenon you ask?
The same reason we don’t all win the lottery, these cheats or glitches are a small but significant element in the game.
Have you never been in a plane crash?
I guess they don’t happen then, right?
You’ve seen reports of them, but any actual proof?

I’ve seen videos of planes crashing. That’s proof, isn’t it?


Proof for most people, apparently not for him.

I’m sorry my logic eludes you.

I’ll type slower next time.

I always recommend that people record their battles though because I’m curious to see what’s going on when posts like this come up


theres a thread up right now with a video showing this stuff. its called " message from Carl"

There are videos of plane crashes. No one ever has actual evidence of these cheats.


Looks like a Ludia bot to me. Known issue of bots using multiple dinos of the same type. And if that really was a cheater. Why did they lose so horribly? Hack the game, get 5 dinos and multiples of the same one, and lose by switching? And why have multiple tragod? Why not 3 indos or stegagod? Or something better?

We don’t deny that cheat exist or whatever. The problem is 90% of reporting are bad understanding of battle mechanism (speed, stun, slow, priority…) and majority of the rest is just no proof.
I never experienced any of of these shenanigans yet I battle mostly top players.
Show me a video where we can see actual damage deals and all the game from the beginning + name and search un your recent opponent list.

I experienced some bugs like the game saying I lost even if the attack was not lethal preventing me from using a lethal attack and ended with a lost (real one this time). But it’s only a client issue thinking you’re dead and showing wrong information, the game status wasn’t affected.
A lot of glitches are network issues where your client don’t receive info from the server and assume wrong things.

There are still multiple glitches in battles (please report them all), and they don’t mean something suspicious happened.
Once again, record your matches and prove us what is happening.


If Ludia really cared, we wouldn’t still be facing cheaters, yet there they are, no trophies with a fabulous team for their level.

My bad, I forgot… cheating doesn’t exist in this game!
It’s just “server side issues” “visual glitch” “you don’t understand speed mechanics”.

Can you prove cheating DOES exist in this game outside of spoofing?

Search the forum for a “message from Carl” thread has a video with the clone Dino 2 tragodistis if I remember correctly dunno if cheat or bot though

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Wow you’re funny. Talking without knowing anything :joy:

Have you ever seen a game cheat free? No.
Does that mean they don’t care? No.
So do you have a proof? No.
Is what you’re saying useful ? No.

If you’re here just to spit on the game, do something more useful that would be better for your health.


In one breath you say this game is cheat free, in the next you say no game is cheat free.
Make up your mind.
Stop being such a rude and condescending person, as well.


OK, quote me where I have said there is no cheat in this game? I’m waiting right here.
After you prove anything, you could tell me to make up my mind. Before? Nope.

You give false reasons (proven wrong like the 0 trophy one) but instead of recognize you have no proof you keep digging. Your call

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Claims of cheating without any video proof can’t be taken seriously by me. @quakeur is right. Too many people come to the forum with these claims and have no clue what they’re talking about. It may sound rude, but these wacky claims are beyond annoying. If it always happens, it wouldn’t be hard to capture on video.


i mean i’ve thought that towards him too, but never actually posted it.

I concur with you/Quakeur!

This game does have it’s fair share of bugs/glitches: matchmaking issues, problems where inputs do not get tracked properly which company blames to connection issues, visual glitches, bugged bots… etc.

But without understanding the root cause, when people blame opponents as cheaters, some even try to shame them publicly is bad, especially when opponent is not even related/aware of your issue.
It is further infuriating when someone comes without proof and not trying to understand the justifications provided by someone experienced/have encountered these issues.

We all hope that Ludia tries to fix these issues as soon as possible based on their impact.