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Cheating for larger incubators

I am repeatedly battling counterparts with much lower levels but very strong dinosaurs.

There seems to be an invisible hand here as some of the dinosaurs were not even imaginable at that lower level. Having Tryko, Erlikodominus and Argmax at 22 while player level is 15 seems out of sync.

This allows them to earn larger incubators while I generally get the 3H ones.

Where can I report them or suggest if this is acceptable so I could also get all these dinos at lower level. Also suggest if this is possible through separate accounts and is allowed.

Just to let you know. The incubators are on a set cycle. So it doesn’t matter who you are playing, everyone gets the same cycle of incubators every time no matter what level creatures they have.

As far as the creatures they do have, there was something called “St. Patrick’s Day Event 2019” that allowed people to dart Erlidom and Tryko and many unlocked it during that event. Then we were practically given Ardentismaxima last month in the Championships. It’s not unreasonable for people to have those unlocked even at player level 15.


Thanks for sharing this. It seemed unreasonable at that level but these special events make sense.

Here’s another picture…:wink:

Interesting. I always thought it was luck based.

Oooo! Bases on the cycle and where I’m at, I should get another 24hr one in 3 more incubators. :smiley: