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Cheating in friendly battles?


Hey was hoping someone could clear this up for me. While doing a friendly battle does your dinosaurs level increase? I have noticed in the battles I’ve done that while playing all dino’s mine and opponents have increased to level 26 even though actually dino levels are no where near that. I figured that maybe my opponent was using some time of cheat code? Am I correct? Thanks!


In friendly battles, everyone’s Dino’s are level 26, yours and theirs.


Okay thank you I wasn’t sure if that was normal or not


I guess it is to prevent people from avoiding friendly battles due to their team being weaker compared to friends’ team. Also, serves as a good way of testing out how different dinos fare at the same level without having to take the pain to level them up!

Also, gives an idea of what would be the health/damage stats for a given dino, if you do not have external source like websites for reference.


Okay great thanks so much!