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Cheating opponants

Get a handle on cheating opponents that are going first let others have a chance at winning these trophy battles are not played fairly get this issue fixed as every player deserves a chance at winning i am a level 9 stuck the 5 stage can’t even get ahead with out you letting opponents go first fix this ! Players of all levels deserve a chance thank you kindly

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So youre either mad their dinos have higher speed, higher level or youre just slow at hitting the attack button? Thats the only way they are faster than you so they arent cheating


Going first does not mean they’re cheating. The dinosaurs all have different speeds and if their animal choice has a higher speed then they go first. Simple as that.

If you both have the same dinosaur and they’re at the same level then it comes down to which player pressed the action button first.

You either need to choose faster dinosaurs or press the action button faster. In any case, your first area of improvement would be to form a complete sentence so that your complain is not only easier to read but can be taken more seriously by others.


You obviously dont know how the game works if you think they’re cheating for “going first”.


The only suggestion I have for you is, please use punctuation marks.


Look at your dino’s stats.


Regardless of level your speed stat does not change (unless an enemy attack temporarily slows you down).

The dino with fastest speed will always go first.
If they have the same speed, the higher level dino will go first.
If they have same speed and same level, then the rarer will go first.
If they have the same speed, same level, and same rarity, then whoever chooses their attack first goes first.

Know your dinosaurs speeds. When your dino is knocked out, and you see the choices of your remaining dinos… if there is a >> symbol on it, that means that dino is faster than the enemy dinosaur currently on the field. If that symbol is not on any of your dinos then that means you don’t have a faster dino so you need to think about which one to pick to counter the speed, usually a dino with a slowing attack, like Superiority Attack, or Slowing Impact, etc.

Joel6606. Uses ferox strike twice in a row without the cooldown. Not a bug, since all of his other dinos didn’t do anything like that. He just wanted to win, so right after the first ferox strike, I was about to kill his einiosuchus, and before I could (it was supposed to be my turn), he hit me a second time with the same attack.

He’s already been reported to the mods, who I asked to relay the information to Ludia.

It’s like the cheaters have come out to play more, now that they are about to get dealt with. This is nothing more than the temper tantrums of a bunch of spoiled little kids who aren’t getting their way, so they feel it necessary to wreck it for everyone else. LoL

Such losers.

In my case, it wasn’t a matter of whose dino was faster (mine was), it was just the fact that I was winning, and this kid didn’t want to accept it, so he decided to cheat. LoL actually, every dino I had in my lineup was faster than anything he brought out. I should have used my level 17 Raptor to finish him off, but I was saving it in case he was going to be a real challenge.

How is it possible for him to manipulate the moves like that?

You sound like a butthurt noob that doesn’t understand the games mechanics.

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Nope. Not butthurt at all. The only ones who are butthurt seem to be all the little kids or hacker wannabes out there who have to make things bad for others because suddenly Ludia is onto them and is implementing a protocol for dealing with their sort.

With the sort of prickish attitude I detect in your reply, I would assume that you are one of the butthurt? Must be pure hell to have no life and no friends.

Third-party hackware available on the internet, @Kayoss. Supposedly, it’s almost all crap, but if you take the law of averages into consideration, for every instance of hackware out there that doesn’t work, that logically means that there must be X number that DO work, and this person just beat the law of averages. He managed to find a bit of hackware that worked.

You do realize that just about every aspect of this game is ran on the server right? That means you can’t hack it. But please… continue to not understand how it works. The only thing you can circumvent is DNA per Dart and time jumping. Both of which have nothing to do with arena. If someone uses the same move without cooldown or the same dino twice it is because of a problem with the server and network connection. It also seems to usually happen when your opponent is a bot.


Actually, Dalek has been here quite some time and is rather familiar with the game.

Secondly, CARDISpilot1971 is correct in that there are programs that can be run that manipulate input and through that the game mechanics. I can’t remember the name of them, but I wouldn’t want to anyway, other than to let the devs be aware. A server-run system is far more secure than a user/remote-run one, but is hardly impregnable nor immune to outside influences.

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Opponent isn’t a bot if it uses high powered attacks and the timer doesn’t run down. This person found a way. It’s not impossible.

Highly improbable, but not impossible. You can flog the technical crap all you like, but the fact is that this was no bot.

I know what I saw. And what I saw was not a bot. No bot uses high powered attacks. Bots use basic strike. Bots let the timer run down while ‘thinking’. This didn’t happen. Unless Ludia has some sort of advanced AI they’re not letting on about, this was a person.

And as far as it being a server glitch… Then if that’s the case, it’s a big one. But if that’s so, then why haven’t I seen anyone else talk about it before in the other threads? I know! Because it’s never happened before.

It only started happening when all the little butthurt cheaters decided to cause havoc in the arenas because Ludia wasn’t going to let them continue to breach TOS. So they decided to make things harder for everyone.

It doesn’t take a huge leap in brainpower to see the possibilities here.

This person found a way to break the law of averages, and is using a third-party program that allows them to ignore cooldowns and give them an extra attack. Unless you have unequivocal proof of this being a bot, then I think you need to reassess your position and realize that you might actually be wrong.

If you have proof that bears your theory out, I will stand corrected. Until you provide such evidence, then allow me my say.

I don’t see any chance of Ludia creating a bot that has SKYNET-level intuition. If that were even remotely possible with today’s technology, it would be getting out of control right… About… Yesterday.

When you deal with any tech, you have to consider all the possible outcomes, not just the ones you agree with. The same holds true with games. I can tell if I’m up against a bot or a human, based on reaction time and patterns of thinking. If there’s a definite pattern, and reaction time is low, it’s a bot.

If there’s no discernable pattern, and there’s a high reaction time, it’s a person.

People are naturally unpredictable. Machines aren’t, unless they’re specifically programmed to act that way. There’s a thing called the “Turing Test”, and it’s used to determine how humanlike an AI is becoming. It’s also meant to be used as a safeguard against SKYNET-level sentience.

Its creator, Alan Turing, was a brilliant scientist. But he was also a very forward thinking man. He foresaw a day when our technology would become almost godlike. The Turing Test was his way of assuring that no AI could ever attain self-awareness. If that happened, the test would hopefully catch it in time for scientists to pull the plug.

And knowing that, it’s going to be a LONG time before Ludia has to start using the Turing Test on its bots.

1 hour ago, 38 mins ago, 4 mins ago. At least my time stamps I see. You keep responding to yourself.

And real easy solution. Screen shot the “hackers” name. Stick it into the “bot finder” and it will be a bot I bet.

I promise you. Nobody is hacking the arena. You guys are so clueless it is amazing.