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Cheating or hacking in this game... possible ?!

I’ve Lost One battle in PVP against a player who used Ardontosaurus lvl 19 and Ardentismaxima lvl 21 in the dame row!! How IS this possible ?! Unless there IS a way of cheating.

They gave away a lot of Maxima DNA in the alliance championship incubator that you get for competing in the tournaments… so strangely enough people can have Ardent before levelling Ardont to 20

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Maxima has been featured in a number of events where it could be darted on the map. And it was an alliance championship award. it’s not impossible for someone to have it without the ingredients being lv 20.


people like me first unlocked Maxima and then Ardonto

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That may have been me…

I was able to unlock Dilorach without having Dilorano and Cheirus at level 20, so it’s possible.

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Rn, I jave maxima with 16 ardonto, 15 brachi. I can get them to 20. Just don’t feel like it. If I actually got dilorach in championship, I wouldn’t be leveling up diloranosaurus and deinocherius. Mine are 19 and 18.

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