Cheats-Be-Gone! How Many Medals Are You Up Since Midnight?


I am loving the purge. In just 12ish hours, I am up 350 MEDALS from where I stood on Saturday night (I was busy Sunday, so I didn’t play much). I am now rocking in Arena 8 and holding my ground with a solid team.

How many medals are you up since this morning!?

Thank you again Ludia!! Community Managers, pass along my appreciation to the team!


went up 120 into Arena 8, then did a free fall to 3700 in a 6h period… not happy or impressed. Just need to beef my team up a little.


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Why do you think the cheats are gone? The current #3 team has a level 27 Erlidominus. That isn’t even possible through buying 1,000 incubators.


No one has been banned


We have seen a screenshot unless it was fake. Thread was also closed which is as good as any tin foil hatter needs to know. :scream:


ok, wait… why are medals going up because people got banned? Just easier to win or are you talking your rankings in the leaderboard?

If I haven’t fought yet today, and people get banned, my medals would stay the same…


I am not sure what Purge you are referring to!! The top 500 has been the same given a few here-there. If the bans start, a significant percent of the Top 500 might get off the board.

Secondly, a ban would remove people off the board thereby improving your rank and giving a chance for legit players to be in the Top 500. The last 500 Rank still stands around 4460 trophies which is around 20 - 30 trophies higher than couple of days ago!
You winning more trophies seem to be a pure coincidence and mostly due to your stronger team/skills.

Btw, the screenshot someone posted is mostly a photoshop/MS-paint job. Anyone can edit a screenshot using Paint tools.


Less cheaters mean more fair fights. Less losses and more wins, equate to increased medals.


The spoofer purge that has been coming for about 2 weeks now. How have you not heard about it?

I don’t think those Top 500 are spoofing. They are likely using an injection hack that is floating around. I was apart of a discord channel that was distributing it. I left as soon as I knew what they were distributing.

I am sure those cheats are harder to detect. They’ll get what’s coming to them, too.


Yeah. I fought him

It didnt go well :joy:


I do follow this forum and also constantly checking the updates on Metahub, Facebook fan group. The only action that took place was people self-reporting themselves and getting their accounts reset/with in-game cash refunded.

People on this forum complain about such small things like OP opponents, connection issue resulting in loss of battles, etc.

Don’t you think even a small percent of the forum members getting banned would create an uproar on the forum? There would be topics after topics complaining it was not fair they got banned, they never cheated but got banned which is a mistake :slight_smile:


Torque, that’s not how it worked at all.

Those who were deemed cheaters/spoofers were given the chance to self-report in order to avoid a full account ban. IF they self-reported and were not able to prove their innocence, they were reset to level 1 with all cash refunded to them. If they did not self-report and were deemed a cheater or a spoofer, they were banned straight up without “bail.”

There was a large “uproar” when the process was laid out. People with high level accounts and large amounts of Uniques all of a sudden became “bored” with the game and left. So the reason there is no uproar is because those who cheated that badly did not lose anything. They didn’t need to spend money, so quitting/banned was like they never played the game to begin with.

Lastly, the reason there are no threads is because they were told to email support directly with the issue. I am sure any topics that were related to it were temporarily hidden awaiting approval to post and then deleted by moderators.


I agree, they haven’t been banned yet - my guess is it will be at midnight EDT, > 7 hours from now - and so far the upper arenas haven’t gotten any easier. I tumbled out of 8 and am trying to get back in just for fun (incubators, trying out new legendaries) because after midnight we’ll all be back to 3,500 trophies. And the cheaters will get their well deserved perma bans :laughing:
(I wish anyway).


Hmm that means it might be a tough night tonight for me hovering around 3200, might I end up paired with high level players reset to 3500?

I’ve only encountered two Indo-somethings (the go invisible and dodge then 1 hit kill my dino). One I managed to still win the match, the other I just managed to finally down the single dino…


Yes that is extremely possible if the reset happens tonight


So if it’s happening at midnight EDT (eastern daylight time) then that’s about 5am BST (British standard time) ish :smile:


That’s my best guess… the 2 weeks the cheaters have to self report will be up then. Of course Ludia may wait longer, they haven’t said, and maybe nothing will happen at all :thinking:


I may be wrong, of course, it’s just that the 14 days will be up. The reset to 3,500 and consequences for cheaters may come later.

Sorry, I’m not trying to cause any confusion with my assumptions. :wink:


Ludia probably haven’t done anything yet. Forum moderator closed the thread containing that photoshopped screenshot.
I’m still being matched to players >200 trophies higher than me as always.