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Not a bad start, pretty stereotypical grassroots YT channel, but reasonable. I will say tho that a) keep the video, audio, and editing quality solid, it’s good now, especially for a newbie, but there’s obviously room for improvement, like “catching up to present” being viewable for most of the video. Not crucial but keep it in mind.

And then b) give your viewers content. Watching someone make Lasmus is cool. Watching someone play Lasmus, watching how that player uses it, and just seeing how that player battles is pretty interesting and could make a video leagues better, and hook more viewers. Role models could be @Poke_Fodder and Gaming Beaver.

Just a heads up tho, I’ve never run a channel myself, merely helped friends, so please keep that in mind as well

I actually tried that, putting my new dinos on my team and doing pvp
but they never actually came on my team

That’s where editing comes in

I just started learning how to edit yesterday. So the next hybrid i get will make an appearance in , not pvp, maybe tournaments or pve

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