Check out that bird's butt! (A.k.a. how to collect green SD with a flyer)


How to collect any supply drop with a grounded flyer: Rotate your view so you’re looking at the rear of the creature. Click the supply drop. That’s it! :smile:


What about flyers that are not letting you see their butt by flying around?


I havent found any way to get the supply drop from one that is flying - except after you dart that creature and it disappears :frowning:


You can click the drop from distance and walk closer : doesn’t matter what pop on it you will still be able to spin the drop


Like when its outside the 150/200 line? I’ll give that a try :slight_smile:


I have been able to collect from green supply drops with a dino flying over it by going to my collection, selecting a dino, exiting back to the map, then clicking on the supply drop as soon as it loads. You have to be quick! The supply drop usually loads before the dino.


Yes it works every time but the (huge) downside is that you can’t hunt local spawn between you and the drop…

I thought about this trick but it doesn’t work on my phone it’s just too fast to load entities :sweat_smile: