Check out what I did with my dino bucks

In by boredom I got the idea to perfectly aline my dino bucks to display 2,222,222. Look:

Just curious, has anyone else in the community perfectly alined there dino bucks to display all of 1 number? If so let me know.

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Not yet, but I can try β€œ1”, β€œ11” or β€œ111”.:wink:


Lol ok. @Tommi


@Too_qik How could you be bored with stacked resources like that? We got Hammond up in here. Spared no expense.

Btw…that 222222222222 is nice. The stars aligned to make that one happen. Universe is on your side bud.

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Thanks @Trexy and you know what, your right! John Hammond spared no expense and neither should I!

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