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Check this out. lol

I was too shocked and incredulous to get a screenshot, but in the gyro depot I just got hit by a freakin’ dracoG2! and it was boosted!! L29!! not sure if I should laugh, cry, or finally quit this game.

If that doesn’t prove how dumb -
A) boosts are
B) some people are

I don’t know what does.

All day long I’ve been running into what I call “crutch dinos”. Those things that people boost as much as they can and count on to win battles and prop up their poor play and lack battle ability. Thor, procera, DC, and apparently dracoG2… not to mention, the diplotater I’ve seen a couple times. All obviously boosted to be standout team members, and not part of a balanced approach. Get one of those, you likely win, don’t get one, a loss. It’s pretty sad, really.


I don’t really see how this proves either of these, maybe i’m not as advanced as you. If they’re using a Lv 29 DracoG2 then more power to them, they’re using what works for them, how is that dumb? :confused:





On the other hand it got them to Gyro. :slight_smile:

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Eh, well it was easy to beat?

Is Sarcorixis counted as a crutch dino? To me it’s the same thing as Diplotattor.

Before DracoceRAT-OPs was a thing I’m pretty sure I used to see level 30 Draco G2s in the top teams in the leaderboard. I bet some of those players were kicking themselves for wasting so much DNA once the rat was released. Then again, maybe not…

I’ve faced a DC and Drac2 boosted from the same guy… it happens

If I read this correctly, you’re saying these creatures are… effective?

I face a overboosted Sarcorixis in 5700 trophies range and that alone took out my dinos mostly level 30 uniques (unboosted).