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Cheer up

I log in to the forum each morning to check the banter, and there isn’t any!

“Omg, Dracocera needs a nerf, I’m quitting VIP, Ludia hates us, I need coins, strike towers are too hard, everyone has a unique, my crits don’t work…”


  1. Just quit. Go and do something productive with your time.
  2. Shhhhh. Be nice.

Oh wait, I’m complaining now! I take it all back. Let’s all eat an Easter egg! Why is it that the same chocolate tastes better as a thin shelled hollow egg than a bar? Surface area probably…

Anyway, cheer up people.


Well said. I’m getting really fed up of the negativity on these forums lately.

This, the number of whining posts against the whining posts are almost taking over the whining posts :wink:

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Almost… I’ll pull myself over and have a word!

The forum is used as a place to voice concerns, questions or report bugs in the game as well as a place to have friendly chats with fellow players. I see it as the more people who complain about a problem then the quicker it will get resolved (in theory anyways). JWA is full of problems right now so it makes sense that the forum is full of complainers.


Exactly! Love this game. I don’t care if the pvp is a roll of the dice. It’s fun! Then again, I am not one of those top tier players suffering in Aviary arena. I love Marshes cuz it matches my lvl 20 team.

This is a game forum, please expect compaints.
The game is broken, its that simple.
Chances are that people are gonna complain about it.
It’s sad, though, it didnt need to be this way.

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Whiners are just going mad because people realized they are here only for whine, so they basically complain where someone just write the evidence. Whiners gonna whine anyway.

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