Haast Eagle
Pit Viper


Type : Binocular

Maximum Clear Range : 3KM
Speciality : Can see more colours and have a good eyesight (Night) compare to Human.

Teeth Shape :

•It’s like Giga’s or Shark’s but way smaller.

Bite Force :

•Around 550 PSI, Not too strong (Mostly because He can open his jaw widely)

Claws Size :

• 1.5 Inch
• semi-retractable and aid in acceleration

Maximun Speed :

• 115 KM/H

Maximum Size :

• 1.5M Height, 2M Long

Abilities :

• Can open his jaw widely
• Fast
• Very intelligent, slightly lower than A Chimps
• Flexible body and spine

More to discuss, See u on the next Post!

Dark Gen

I think 115km/h is a bit to fast I would give it speed at around 95km/h

I literally thought it was gonna be cheeto + raptor

Sure, he’s bigger than a cheetah. So I think this’ll make sense

Well, basically, you’re right. The basic was A cheetah and Raptor.

But it’s too simple so I add some dna from other creature lmao

I mean Cheetos