Chega de eventos PVP/No more PVP events

Façam eventos PVE,para a aquisiçao de Jarlaxle ou dos equipamentos da Silverhand,eu conheço dezenas de jogadores que adoram o jogo,mas odeiam o sistema de PVP,inventem um metodo PVE,para que todos consigam ter acesso a eles,nao precisa ser essa tortura,por favor,me escutem !!!

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Translated From Portuguese

Make PVE events, for the purchase of Jarlaxle or Silverhand equipment, I know dozens of players who love the game, but hate the PVP system, invent a PVE method, so that everyone can access it, it doesn’t have to be this torture, please listen to me !!!

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Agreed. The PvP system utilized by Ludia is generally abhorred.
Introducing items via PvE events would be favorable for most players.