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Cherche une alliance francophone / Looking for a french speaking alliance

JurassicRemy#9305 [JWA player name]
JurassicRemy#6314 [Discord player name]

French version:
Je recherche une alliance francophone.
Je fais peu de combats en arène, car je suis lassé de prendre des raclées par des bestioles surboostées, mais je contribue pour le reste, notamment les raids et les tournois. Je contribue aussi, selon mes disponibilités, dans le serveur discord “Apex Boss Strikes”.
Je souhaite intégrer une alliance qui utilise messenger et/ou discord pour communiquer et se coordonner.
Il n’y a rien d’urgent toutefois car je suis actuellement en vacances (encore 10 jours) et moins disponible pour jouer que d’habitude.

English version:
I am looking for a french speaking alliance.
I don’t fight in the arena very often, because I’m tired of being defeated by over-boosted creatures, but I contribute for the rest, especially raids and tournaments. I also contribute, according to my availability, in the “Apex Boss Strikes” discord server.
I would like to join an alliance that uses messenger and / or discord to communicate and coordinate.
This is not urgent, however, as I am currently on vacation (10 days left) and less available to play than usual.
Thank you.

hello I am also French I also looked for a French speaking alliance but I did not find one good enough so except if you are lucky it is “lost bread”

They do exist. We are “Québec”, a fully french alliance. Sadly we have no room right now but I’m sure there’s other fully french alliances as well. It may help if you indicate where you’re from. Keep looking, it’s worth it.

Sorry, I did not say that I am near Paris, in France.

I just sent you a friend request. If you can take down 10 dinos per tournament and participate in the alliance mission then you should join the Narvalosaursesfr. We still have 3 spot for French actives players.

Thank you. I will send you a private message.