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Chest Bug

Attention all Adventurers we are aware that some of the players are having issues with the first free Battle Chest. This is a known bug and our development team is looking into it.

Thank you for your patience!

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Please, solve this quickly, i just love the game, but i’m unable to play beacuse of this!

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Two days since the bug appears and you dont have an ETA for the solution.

I like the game but you need to be better in communication and solving this errors if you can be sucesfull with this game.

sure hope its solved quickly, in a game with a competitive mode each moment we arent able to play the more behind we get, its disheartening for those who want to be competitive.


I am from Australia and I just downloaded an update that was released today. While i was able to get over the initial chest bug, as soon as you get another chest, the issue reappears. I attempt to open it, it even claims it is a free open, but I click it and it gets stuck on the screen.