Chest contents question

So I have a few chests ive saved:

If I wait to open them till after 1.5 can they have 1.5 contents?

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I don’t think it would work. The contents probably have been pre-determined.

I think samguy is right.

I had a 24 hr incubator and waited for the previous update, I got the new gryposuchus in it. I would just wait :slightly_smiling_face:


JB is correct :wink:. Hang on to it and crack that egg open at a later hatch date. Caleb I had to do the JB thing. If I make it back out to Cali I want to have a selfie taken with you so I can become insta-famous. :rofl:

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Thank you!!

Well done on your climb up the rank by the way! I face you a lot in arena.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I admire your ability to endure !! :slight_smile:

I have never been unable to wait more than one shift to open an incubator of 12 or 24 and I have even paid to accelerate its opening … although the results have been disappointing most times.

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Haha ty!! Its hard lol.

Haha it’s no worries, your next Cali visit, you can get a selfie with the biebs :smile:

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