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Chest drops

This question is for the savvy veterans. What is with the preponderance of lame 3 hour chests even though I am at Arena 7 and in the top 700 in PVP? What is the plan of continuing the parade of plain old common items at this level? Are they planning on adding more arenas or is this as good as the drops will ever get. It’s so bad I honestly can’t recall the last time a legendary item dropped for me and I play all the time. It’s really not even about the legendary items, it would be nice to only see rare and above, but it’s 90% common.

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Higher arenas aren’t suppose to get you better chests, although that would be nice, it gives you more cards and gold in whatever type of chest you get

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And even that’s a paltry increase. Every single aspect of this game is designed to make it as onerous as possible in order to break down your will so that you’ll buy & subscribe.

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I didn’t look at all the chests but the basic one goes from 22 cards to 31 cards Going from arena 6 to arena 7. That’s an increase of more than a third. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like to see more myself but percentage wise that’s not bad.

And yeah it’s weird that they would do things to try and make money instead of just giving out a free game :wink:

Ok that was smart Alecky but I do have a real question because now I am curious and trying to decide what I think. How much free time should be built into a game made for phones before they should make it so you’d want to have to buy? I think anything over even just a couple of hours of free should be enough of an introduction before they expect to make some money from us

There’s a difference between enticement and egregious, pernicious design built specifically upon psychological manipulation to create and take advantage of addictive behaviours whilst simultaneously putting up onerous roadblocks that act as trigger points to, quite literally and deliberately, break someone’s ability to resist and thus pay exorbitant and entirely unreasonable amounts of money for piddly, intangible rewards that only serve to further lock someone into being a milk cow for a company to profit from.

Games like this will be illegal one day, as soon as the exposes and government investigations are done. They will be illegal because they are immoral, unethical and built specifically and knowingly in ways that exploit people. Justify the expense all you want, but don’t for a second consider yourself anything other than someone who was manipulated into doing so, because any other view is delusional.

I go into these games fully knowing what they do… the free aspect that starts them out are basically interactive advertisements… you play a while for free knowing that eventually if you want to compete with others or to advance you are going to have to pay to do so.

It would be like not having movie trailers. The trailers play on your emotions, whether to get you excited, or sad or whatever in a way to entice you to pay money to see them.

If you consider them immoral and unethical why do you play them?

Also, for the record, I respect your opinion I just disagree with it.

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The only thing I don’t like about these games is that I don’t think the rolls are random.

Random data is lumpy, you see long runs of unlikely events every now and then

but the runs of unlikely events appear to be far too common

If I was designing one of these games and instituting a variable schedule of reinforcement to make it as addictive as possible what I’d do is:

Say the proc rate of some weapon is 10%, I’d have a random seed that drops you into Eg a bin with 5% proc rate, or one with 10% proc rate or one with 15%. After a certain amount of time the random seed would be rolled again to see which you fell into. Obviously you could make the numbers of bins and spacing between them as fine or as gross as necessary.

What this would achieve is very satisfying runs where everything go’s right for you, middling runs and unsatisfying runs ie a nice addictive variable schedule of reinforcement with an overall probability rate of proc (assuming you cover enough random seed periods) that corresponds with that which is advertised.

I’m not sure that these games will ever be banned but I’m always surprised that it is not a legal requirement to have advertisements etc about the dangers of gambling :wink:

Pure, unadulterated and malicious spite.

Well that will certainly teach them a lesson lol