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Chest levels skipped?

Is there anyone, who skipped quality level of their chest? For example opened level one and after that opened level three?
Or joined a clan a got some higher level straight away?

Cheste levels should be rounded up, but it does not. Not just for me, but for everyone I asked and I asked a lot. I have a theory, that it is bacause you cannot skip levels. So I am looking for evidence.

Chest levels can and have been skipped

Hello @kacenaw,

Chest levels are determined by the difficulty average of your last five Alpha Battles in which you participated in (win or lose). Please read the release notes to find out more about the update.

Yes, I know, but my average says i should get level 3 chest, but i got only level 2. Last three alphas were 2,2,3,3,3

Contact support and let them know