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Chest reset schedule?

Does anyone have a clue about the schedule for chest resets? First one was 6 hours to get 25k in coins. Then, I believe it was another 6 hours to get 25k in coins. I could not really tell the reset because the “!” is non-functioning for that reset period. Like the drop resets, it does not function until several hours after.

This morning, it shows over 14 hours to reset. Anyone have thoughts on the reset times?

Ya I would like to know as well. My first ones were 9 hours apart. Also the Tuesday canister battles are not showing up yet on the map.

The normal treasure chests or the lunch boxes? They both behave differently.

The “Lunch Boxes”, the new red ones.

Thank you for your reply.

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Hey Wwwoodchuck, the LunchBox Chase resets every 24 hours. :slight_smile:

Can there be multiple ‘events’ in that 24 hour period? Yesterday I believe it had two resets. I received 25k in coins, then 6 hours later I could receive another 25k.

It seems like it is a ‘rolling’ 24 hour period also. Unless the first 6 hour was a glitch or miscalculation.

The “Lunch Boxes” first appeared Monday at 10:am Ludia time yet they do not reset until 7:30 pm tonight. 9h 37m from now. I am in Ludia’s time zone.

I am not questioning if they are functioning as expected. I am just wondering their schedule so I can be ready when they reset and set up my schedule accordingly. If it is random, so be it.

:thinking: If you notice any discrepancies again, could you please reach out to our support team here at with the date and time so our team could take a closer look? Please make sure to include your support key in the email as well.

Also, is the “i” button still non-functioning for you? As it should now display the next reset time.


The “!” button on “Lunch Boxes” is currently functioning. That is where I found the reset time. As with the regular Supply Drops, “!” it does not function for a period of time (several hours at least) after the timer resets.

If the “Lunch Box” resets are every 24 hours, can I reasonably expect them to reset every 24 hours starting in 9h 17m from now, and every 24 hour period after that? That is currently the time it is showing that they will reset for me.

I apologize if my wording is making this difficult to understand.

Like all chest events, it starts at 10am (east USA) and resets with the supply drops at 8 pm. But it still runs untill 10 am the next day when the map changes, so you get to hit your limit twice during one event. This is another brilliant scheduling idea that has been a part of the game for so long. Start and reset times just don’t match up properly, so you can do it twice basically.

Thank you. So it is just me thinking we had an extra 6 hour slot yesterday. It can happen, I am not as young as most of the folks here. I forget stuff.