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Chests and strike events


It is really apparent that unless you pay to play you’re not going to get any father than what you were when they started the new treasure hunts. I am at level 11 and have 10 Dinos that need to be upgraded. With the lack of treasure chests and now the strike events with diono being as high as 30 I think I am done. I refuse to pay to play. I hit every supply drop every day but can only level up 1 maybe 2 every few days.


I am lv20, and got over 50 dinosaurs able to upgrade or fusing DNA.
(It shows 80. but I don’t really want to count how many of them are just able to fuse DNA)

Now I’ve abandoned most of them, let those dinos I’ve never use keep in low lv.
Only focusing those dinos in my team, or I want to add in line-up.
So it won’t be more than 20 dinos I really spend coins on.

Yes, I’d also want to raise all my dinos, but I noticed this will cost too much than I want to offer in this game.
That’s why I changed my strategy.


My current goal is to have every Dino available to upgrade. No need to waste coins on actually upgrading most of them. It’s a mini game. :slight_smile:


It’s all about that strategy, @Linda_Mantia.

Yes, you will hit a “coin barrier” at some point during the game–we all have, at one point or another. If resources came easily, then there would be no struggle, no grind to level up our best creatures to the highest possible level. That means that there will be times when you’re “stuck” at one place in the arena and can’t level up the creatures you’d really like to level up. But with patience and perseverance, you will lift yourself up to the next tier, to the next set of trophies, etc. Just takes time, and strategy. Best of luck!


Absolutely agree I’ve been grinding since worldwide release and initially and only really since the tournament’s started I was upgrading my team and only spending coin and dna on getting the ones I wanted to use on my team as strong as possible but I’ve recently been focused on trying to get ones up to level 15 to make legenderys and putting them in my team although a lot of them aren’t that great so then coin goes on upgrading the others but yeah at a point in this game coin becomes a big issue


Linda, you are NOT supposed to level-up every dinosaur whenever you are able. That will certainly deplete your coin supply. I have a good 80-100 leveling-ups ready (multiple levels for many) but no longer even think about it.

Same thing with Pokémon Go. You aren’t leveling up your Rattata and pidgeys to the max, are you?


Oh I totally agree that not all need to be leveled up but, the ones that I need to level up in order to hold my own in the strike events I can’t. Lol don’t play Pokemon.


I’m a little frustrated with this game. I have a lot of blinking lights, should I want to upgrade my dinos, but I don’t see the point and I don’t have the coins. But I’m also frustrated that I only see the same six types over and over again. And there seems to be an overall lack of new dinos. Anyone else feel that way? (And I’m not paying $9.99 a month, nor $19.99 for a pile of bills)


I only paied 8 Euros on this game (it is my addiction for 3 months and I played it constantly since the release so I think a contribution is fair), never be VIP or other stuff, but I am lev 12 now and about 36xx trophies. Time is your best weapon. Take time to do the strike events you are able to finish (see now there are two, the white one and the blue one). Try them even if you are sure you cannot finish them. Every step you complete you earn some coins. And RNG can go on your side with critical hits and stunnings.
Do not level EVERY dino, just the ones that have hybrid, and also here, not waste the coins on half part of an hybrid and another half of another one. So for example now I am stuck, because I level up kentrosauro to lev 15 but now I have only 39 dna so I am not able to fuse it for his hybrid. Also, that coins are gone and now I should level up raja and hopefully create its hybrid, I have lots of dna, but I don’t have enough coins…