Chicken contest: #1

As quarantine here grips ones very soul I have become extremely bored… so let get polls to have some arguments (well more constructive criticism) and fun this series we will compare the chickens and see which is the king of the game and who turns out to be the prince.

So for poll number one which one of these chickens is best at taking on chompers such as

(Ps this is a longgggg list)

  • Trykosaurus
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex gen 1 and 2
  • Allosinosaurus
  • Thoradolosaurus
  • Tenotorex
  • Allosaurus gen 1 and 2
  • Tarbosaurus
  • Gorgosaurus
  • Tyrannolophosaurus
  • Secodontosaurus
  • Dimetrodon gen 1 and 2
  • Ophiacodon
  • Trystronix
  • Baryonix gen 1 and 2
  • Gorgosuchus
  • Postimetrodon
  • Diplotator
  • Entelodon
  • Megalosuchus
  • Irrator gen 1 and 2

Anywhere here are your contenders
JWA_Profile_Erlidominus_result image image JWA_Profile_Diloracheirus

  • Diloracherius
  • Erlikospxs
  • Erlidominus
  • Erlikogamma

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Edit ps here is the chart with all the answers the winner may surprise you


Ps chart is in same order as list above

So ya shockingly Dilorach wins

Next poll is speedsters

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I’d say Spyx. Spyx has Distraction and bleed, Dilorach Has Distraction and Stun… and two rsmpages Rampage, but Erlidominus is great also.


Only problem I see is that low health even distracted it take damage lol

Spyx! Whenever I see a Thor, Tenonto, or Tryko, my answer is always Spyx.


Like I wouldn’t you spxs against Thor due to instant charge lol; tryko wins basically always or they both die; and tenotorex is mind games and luck lol

Although adding boosts fixes all those problems

Yeah. It helps a lot.

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I win 90% of times against any of those. Distract, bleed, rampage. Thor better put a chunk of boosts into HP if it doesn’t want to get rampaged even if the stun landed.

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I mean most thro do lol along with speed

Although speaking of thors lol I missed these


Not the ones I’ve faced. Look at this Thoradolotrololol I’ve met some time ago:

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Lol so ya your tarkus is dead lol

I don’t remember if I beat that one but I’ve beaten several like it in Library. As long as I’ve got either my Gemini or my Erlidom. But one day my Tarkus will make Thors like these wonder what to do about it since it’ll have heaps of HP, it could take a chomp and a crit probably at T20 HP.

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Lol then you’ll run into a super boosted tryko and be like welp guess I’m dead :dizzy_face:

Sometimes I win vs Tryko with Tarkus, but I must be slower than it.

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Spyx bc distract and bleed

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Many of the chompers on the list have immunity or cleanse, which puts Diloracheirus, Erlikogamma and Erlikospyx in a disadvantage. Almost none of them can nullify evasion, which puts Erlidominus in a huge advantage. That’s why I’m saying that Erlidominus is the best against most chompers.

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That right there is a Max Boosted Spendadolosaur lol

That’s what kinda been biting at also spxs can’t cleanse like distractions or isn’t immune to stuns and some like you said are immune or have cleanse not only that sir spxs you either have to go for distraction then bleed but you’ll be open it big attacks or distraction and rampage but just no kill them

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I guess i’ll go with spyx cause It has a chance of beating all dinos in this list i believe, erlidom has less winning matchups but it’s second place imo, then dilo and lastly gamma.

P.S: I’m glad your boredom produces those poll games cause I’m also bored and this is fun :laughing:

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