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Chicken Peeps are recruiting

Chicken peeps has 2 openings!

We’re a friendly and active bunch who help each other out with tips, tricks and lots of encouragement.

What we offer:
• Rank 7/8 - Defense (minimum)
• Rank 10 - Exploration
• Tier 7/8 - Alliance Championship (minimum)
• Very active discord server
• Free cash links
• Raid strats and coordination
• Apex raids
• Supportive chat
• A whole lot of bants
• Same creature farms for farming
• And more

We are looking for:
• A relatively active player (4 days of inactivity unless you have told us you need more, we know life happens)
• At a minimum 10 weekly tourney kills
• Ideally some contributions towards alliance missions
• Respect any same creatures farms we have going
• Join our discord server

Drop me a message on discord (Refy #5969) if we seem like the right fit for you!

I need friends to do raids,I mean specially apexes…