Chicken run


Someone’s been making use of the park event today :joy: brought out this chicken against my indom then swapped out a T-Rex to bring it out again :joy: my bf and I were laughing so hard about how it comes out and spins around we nearly got beat :joy: such a funny creature

#superchicken :joy::hatched_chick:


Superchicken = Deinocheirus

Thunderchicken = Erliko or its gen2 variant.

What you have there is more like a “Thundergoose”.


LOL which makes Galli the “Nude Thundergoose”…


Omg LOL :joy:



Welcome to Nublar/Sorna… the only two places in the world where the geese chase YOU.


OhMG I so need to change the title of this post to “nude thundergoose” :raised_hands::joy::joy:


Hahah you have to!! :joy::joy::joy:


Makes sense, since if you listen to the noises the erlikos and deinocheirus make, there’s one point where it sounds like a demon rooster.

Plus ornitho and galli both look more like ostriches, but they’ve got goose/swanlike necks.


All categorized under “Thunderbirds”. Remember that series? I googled it and it states that it ran between 1965-66.
God, I’m old…