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Chicken Sentai in a nutshell

Deinocherius : White Chicken
Among the five of chickens she is the one the most friendly one so everyone loves her. you can see her everyday at L1 area where her step-parents, Dilophosaurus roaming around. even she is so friendly she can’t help you very much in battle excepts you overlevered her but her usefulness will certainly fade alway since you will use her only to fuse the Green.
Habitat : Local 1, Bus station

Erlikosaurus II : Blue Chicken
We used to ignore her existence (maybe even now) as she lives in the same area with Tenonto, Dracorex, Gorgosaurus which lead to ultimate hybrids when she provide nothing in return (for now). but she once prove herself to be useful in the early arena with unique skill as Debilitating Distraction to expand her lifespan long enough to kick you ass down.
Habitat : Local 2, Bus station

Diloracherius : Green Chicken
As one of 7 tyrants who rules the current arena. this emerald chicken born from the ruler of 1.4 version jurassic ruins, Diloranosaurus and the friendly white chicken. 129 speed and 2nd turn selectable rampage choices surely make Diloracherius can kill everything on sight. except the certain one of her sentai and also being one of the 7 tyrants.
Habitat : Lockwood Mansion and above (usually as your opponent)

Erlikosaurus I : Golden Chicken
The mythical chicken who only habitats in mysterious zone of L3. little fun fact here, she DOES exist in a wild (just barely) even local say only found her once in a blue moon so don’t expect to see her every months unlike her twin sister. there is some rumors that the super villain LUDIA now locks her down in their basement in order to make sure that we can’t recuit her ultimate fusion form with indomitable king, Erlidominus the red chicken.
Habitat : Local 3, Bus station (mythical arena which barely exists)

Erlidominus : Red Chicken
The crimson dragon who inherit the mythical trait from her fusee (invisible from sight in real world and barely in arena). there is some argument about who is stronger between the red and the green while the green provides HIGH damage after 2nd turn, the red one can deal MASSIVE one in 2nd turn which can one-shot most of creatures that dare enough to face up her.
Habitat : Aviary (hardly as your opponent)

sooooo, where is the black one? (or in my favor, the pink chicken)