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Chickens and Ducks alliance now has a Discord server

The Chickens and Ducks alliance now has a Discord server to supplement the in-game chat.

We’re a casual Jurassic World Alive alliance focused on helping new players learn the ropes. We tend to have open spots every week or so.

Our alliance has only one rule: be an active player. We remove all inactive players after 14 days (sometimes life finds a way to keep you from playing), allowing us to keep helping new and existing players looking for a different kind of alliance.

If you’re a new player, we’ll help you learn how the game works in the #resources channel and don’t forget to hit up the #cash-links channel for free in-game cash every day!

Once you find your footing, you can stick around or move on to look for a more organized alliance. We’ll be happy to have you if you choose to stay.

As a casual alliance, we’re not as productive as more organized alliances but we try to achieve as many alliance rewards as possible and continue improving so all alliance members can get better benefits.

If you want to help our alliance flourish, here are some optional goals to strive for (we won’t judge you for focusing on what you enjoy).


  1. Completing daily missions is a great way to contribute to weekly alliance missions.
  2. Weekly tournaments are generally easy to contribute to since you only need 10 creature takedowns to add 1000 medals to the alliance championship. If we reach a point where every member in the alliance participates with 10 takedowns a week, we can easily earn over 250,000 medals in a typical month (which results in a lot of unique DNA and ingredients for unique hybrids). Visit the #tournaments channel.
  3. Sanctuaries are a great way to earn a little extra DNA on creatures you already have without having to hunt for them. Check out #sanctuary-requests and #sanctuary-goals for more info on how we can help each other.
  4. Raids can speed up the process of obtaining ingredients for hybrids and hybrids themselves. We can organize raids with specific strategies and help you beat the bosses for awesome DNA prizes. Check out the #raid-chat, #raid-lobbies, and #raid-roles for more info.
  5. Earn Daily Battle Incubators in the PvP arena. The arena can be frustrating at times, but battling in it at least once a month equals free DNA for anyone with over 2500 trophies. Earning a higher trophy count gives you more rewards, which can be substantial. These also contribute to weekly alliance missions.

We just had a few slots open up in our alliance. All players welcome, but we wouldn’t mind if you’re able to do tournaments (2,000 trophies). It’s taking time get the rest of the alliance on Discord, but the more the merrier.