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Chill Alliance Welcome for New Members - Underground Parasaurs!

Hallo! Just to let everyone know that my Alliance will be happy to take on new members…We’re only three strong at the moment, but in my alliance I want members to have a good time, so would love to welcome more from those who have just started out to those who have plenty of experience. ^^

And if you’re looking to gain from Tournaments and Raids and Sanctuaries and stuff, that’s cool too! We only ask that members are respectful, courteous, active and willing to help each other out with raids and stuff if they can. ^^

(Although if anyone is able to share in the Africa/Asia/Australia-specific creature Rinchenia and would like the American and European creatures in return, that would be fab! ^^ A personal goal of mine is the 'gotta have ‘em all’ collector mindset XD)