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Chilled alliance looking for active players

Hi guys,

I co-lead a good alliance in top 300. We are actively recruiting active English speaking players.

Feel free to drop us a reply of your over level 15

We clear all raids daily and have strategies for low level apex clears.

Active to us means:

  • Clear daily battle incubator daily, no 0 battle scores.
  • 400+ darts per day used
  • Assist and support raids especially when you have completed. No raid then leave people. It’s a team game!
    *MUST COMPLETE TOURNAMENT 10 TAKEDOWNS AND POST A SCORE AROUND 1750+ failure to do this any week will result in you losing your place in the alliance.


Must join discord
Adults only - Must be over 18. The group are all working adults and it’s fairly chilled atmosphere.

If this is you we would love to have you with us!