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ChillrassicPark - Join in on some active chilling!

Hi guys,

I have been playing for close to two years now I think. I created an alliance the day it was possible and I have only had few people join over that time, most of them new or inactive people - resulting in many of them stopping to play again. Bummer.

Since I spend all this time enjoying the game, it would be awesome to do so as a community.

So if you are active or semi active, please feel free to join. Nationality doesn’t matter, as long as you can communicate in English :slight_smile:

Your ranking does not matter at all to me :smiley:


Lets share some alliance rewards and chill out while doing so :slight_smile:

  • Tom

Hey I’m interested. My name is JurassicHunter69. I joined please accept.

U still looking for an alliance wat lv u at?

Sometimes your alliance isn’t goof anymore. The alliance I just left used to get rank 7 and 8’s. Now they get 3 and 4’s because 8 of the most actives left. Now I’m in an alliance with rank 8 and 9’s.

Oh well my alliance is in ranks 10 and 9

ten characters