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Chivalry (and dragons)

Rather aptly this tournament has focused my thoughts … Thor IS NOT a problem, Draco IS NOT a problem WHEN they are part of a balanced team; similar team vs similar team can win or lose regardless of Thor/Draco. What is a problem is a L22/L24 team with L29/L30 Draco and/or Thor … there is no honour, no chivalry and no pride.

EDIT: Ludia were supposed to reward balanced teams … limit highest to lowest to a difference of 3 or 4 with a % penalty for exceeding that … job done


Here here.

Given that you can be matched with people of varying team level in the tournament, the imbalance becomes quite obvious.

Facing a Lvl 23 Thor (similar to my team average) thinking


Dispatched the Thor then a Lvl 18 Indom rocks up :worried: and comfortably win 3-1