Choice to Battle or Dart while out Hunting


Give us the choice while out hunting Dinos to either dart them or battle them for DNA.

The Dinos can be a random level and DNA given is based on their level. It could be a simple 10 DNA per the level of the Dino. It would be a simple one on one battle from our team.

If you win, you get the DNA. If you loose, they disappear.

Other things could be added such as a risk/reward added factor. If the dinos are less than your dino level, you only get the base amount of DNA for winning. If you fight and beat a dino higher than your dino, you get an added risk bonus DNA added.

If a person feels they can get more DNA out of darting, then they dart them. If they think they can get more DNA out of battling such as an epic, than they chance battling and epic as its base level will be 11 or 110 DNA at the least for winning.

The point is I want something added to enhance the hunting side of the game.